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Humanhabit - Your source for finding your merchandise for import and belonging International Logistics, Documentation Expertise and insurance.

Humanhabit will offer great business opportunity and find the merchandise that will bring your company high profits from sales.

We specialize in worldwide import and export of cargo offering a complete solution package. Finding your merchandise, negotiate low prices and routing your cargo has never been easier.
Our chinese coordinator and agent will swiftly find your merchandise direct from the manufacturer and negotiate the very best price for your import needs.

With domestic markets now often saturated, the future growth and survival of many companies lies in becoming “global”. Whether your company is a large multinational or new to international trade, Humanhabit can be your “one stop” complete solution source for finding your merchandise and offer belonging logistics with air & ocean import cargo management.

Humanhabit is a global import and export company offering one-stop worldwide cargo solutions. We have agents' strategically stationed to assist with the transport of your important cargo. We have the products and services to handle all legal, documentation, credit, and routing of your goods.

International Logistics

The world is getting smaller. Communications are instantaneous. No destination is unreachable. We live in a world economy. Globalization is here and now. Moving your freight internationally need not be intimidating. Let us show you how.

Humanhabit can bring the world to your door or take your products across the globe.
We cooperate with licensed International Freight Forwarder and U.S. Customs Broker with expertise in all aspects of cargo transportation (ocean freight, air freight, project cargo, multi-modal).

Humanhabit maintains a highly developed and extensive service network of agents throughout the world in order to effect the transportation of any shipment or order bound for our domestic clients.

Swift and accurate communications are essential – our associate global partners liaison with the suppliers (or customers) of our clients to provide timely “in country” information and feedback. Humanhabit agent offices adhere to stringent service protocols to make the supply chain process “seamless” for the companies we represent, as well as their vendors.

Whether the mode of transport is air, ocean or common carrier, no project is outside our capability. Our wide array of contract carrier options affords our customers transportation flexibility tailored to their needs, not ours.

Unlike other providers, Humanhabit encourages communications between our clients and our respective agent locations across the globe. Standard service includes electronic Booking Notifications, Document Transmission and Factory Order status updates.
We foster a cooperative setting that involves all of the primary parties in a successful import scenario.

We will be pleased to provide you with an Inbound Cargo Proposal designed to meet the cost and transit requirements of your particular situation.

Service and individual attention will never go out of style. This philosophy underscores our continued commitment to excellence.

Our fees for total solution service concerning import and paperwork

Our commission fee are very low compared to other agents:

10,00 % - for samples and import value less than 10000 US dollars
  7,50 % - for import value between 10000 to 50000 US dollars
  4,50 % - for import value between 50000 to 100000 US dollars
  3,25 % - for import value between 100000 to 1000000 US dollars
  1,75 % - for import value between 1.000.000 US dollars and 2.000.000 US dollars

For import value over 2.000.000 US dollars - please inquiry

Included service in commission fee:
  • Finding your merchandise and perform price negotiation
  • Fraud protection research
  • Assure realible logisticts
  • Logistics documentation
  • Prepare the paperwork and documentation for easygoing custom declaration

In case insurance are needed, please inquire.

Important notice concerning samples

Our agent will send samples for promotional usage in most cases totally taxfree and VAT free, enclosing customs declaration "Sample of no commercial value" to shipment.

Internet links for finding merchandise for import

There are many websites offering interesting products direct from manufacturer.
Attention! Never forget the existens of fradulent suppliers and agents!
Let us do your negotiation with our local agents in china to eliminate the risk of fradulent suppliers.

Container 20´and 40´size and weight

20' Standard Container            
Weights   Maximum Gross   24,000 kg   52.920 lbs.
    Tare   2,330 kg   5,138 lbs.
    Maximum Payload   21,670 kg   47,782 lbs.
External Dimensions   Length   6,058 mm   19' 10 1/2"
    Width   2,438 mm   8' 0"
    Height   2,591 mm   8' 6"
Internal Dimensions   Length    5,901 mm   19' 4 1/3"
    Width   2,350 mm   7' 8 1/2"
    Height   2,374 mm   7' 9 1/2"
Door Opening   Width   2,330 mm   7' 7 3/4"
    Height   2,272 mm   7' 5 1/2"
Cubic Capacity       32.92 m3   1,162 ft3
40' Standard Container            
Weights   Maximum Gross   30,480 kg   67,208 lbs.
    Tare   4,150 kg   9,151 lbs.
    Maximum Payload   26,330 kg   58,058 lbs.
External Dimensions   Length   12,192 mm   40' 0"
    Width   2,438 mm   8' 0"
    Height   2,591 mm   8' 6"
Internal Dimensions   Length   12,035 mm   39' 5 3/4"
    Width   2,346 mm   7' 8 1/3"
    Height   2,374 mm   7' 9 1/2"
Door Opening   Width   2,314 mm   7' 7"
    Height   2,272 mm   7' 5 1/2"
Cubic Capacity       67 m3   2,367 ft3

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